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Sowing Our Dreams: Realizing a kinder, healthier world will stimulate your creative thought to bring hope, joy, and empowerment to help create life-affirming changes for you. This inspirational book takes you on a short journey though the author’s creative process of “birthing” pictographs, to how we can use these symbols and our imaginations and synergy to realize a better world. Printed on Antique Gold Parchment paper. FREE shipping to US and CAN

Table of Contents

Author’s Note
I. The First Question Appears 1.
II. The Quest Begins
III. Birthing the Symbols
IV. The Pledge is Met and More
V. Our Collective Power
VI. Different Perspectives
VII. Symbols with Titles
Plates 1-26
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Exerpt From the book, Chapter V. Our Collective Power

....Taken one step further, when more than one person attends and connects to the same thing, more occurs than what happens with only one person. That is a law of nature.

We can share and increase our energy to create balanced newness from that which has gone before us. Energy and its potential can move into manifesting that which we collectively focus on. The deeper we look and listen, the more we see and hear. We see empty space is more than what it appears - it is alive with energy. In matter, things such as particles expressing intelligence become apparent. Looking at multicultural writings on mysticism, spirituality, and science, we see the material is interconnected with space and energy. When we combine these views with our capacity to imagine, visualize and share, potentials expand phenomenally. You are part of this.

Sowing Our Dreams: Realizing a kinder, healthier world
handbound book
5"l x 3.75"w, 81pp