MarjorieMeister (Moonfire)
The organic appearance of Marjorie Moonfire Meister’s photography emits a sense of mystery and intrigue. At a glance the viewer is struck with a stunning display of abstract imagery and colour fields that convey the sense of conscious decisions of planning as if it was a painting. Once further inspection is conducted the realization that these are prints makes the viewer ask “What am I looking at?” and start another thought process beyond aesthetics. Thinking beyond the obvious has been Meister’s practice for her entire career as she has been heavily involved in the Artist-Run movement and has spearheaded a volume of different arts projects both locally in the Nipissing District and across Canada. Meister’s exploration of photography has taken the same form of avant-garde exploration through her way if looking at colour or more specifically at light. The ways that nature gives light sources and the manner that they are captured through the lens of a camera results in a varied level of elusive colours and results in unexpected noises, fractures and a sense of mastery as the images occurring naturally look more complex than anything possibly created by an artist. Meister’s current works are currated by the artist, cropped and delivered to ensure that a level of sculpted beauty occurs from these naturally occurring colour fields. The end result is brilliant, vibrant and absolutely innovative. Clayton Windatt, Chalmers Award Winner Curator
What people are saying about the book, Jewels of the Heart.
I have just finished reading, studying and reflecting on Jewels of the Heart.
I am retired from the US Military, 36 years in what many consider the Elite combat, Special Operations Units in both the US Army and US Air force, Aviation as both Professional Parachutist and Pilot and as a Long haul flat bed trucker. Considering my background, I was pleasantly surprised that the book spoke directly to a Journey of discovery and reflection I have pursued much of my life.
Her "Bullet Statements" at first read might seem rather simple but upon reflection opened me to a depth of reflection seldom reached by authors.
She has epitomized the truth behind the old principle KISS.
Mike Marthaller
It's a wonderful book. I like her metaphors and will cherish the book. Kathy Perotti
What People Are Saying About the Book, Sowing Our Dreams
Marjorie Meister's joyous new bookwork, "Sowing Our Dreams" is a mystical collage of ideas, images and poetry that seems to communicate on a deeply subconscious level. Her holistic process grew from a painter's dream to a method for galvanizing the collective unconscious. The symbols mean everything to me now and I have already started to pass them along in full knowledge that what they represent will certainly come to pass. Dermot Wilson, Curator, WKP Kennedy Gallery, Ontario

“Sowing Our Dreams” is the beautiful expression of the purest form in language that we have here on Earth - soul language! Marjorie's symbols are easily interpreted by anyone and everyone because they speak directly to the heart where we are all unified in truth. Allow Marjorie's feelings, through creative expression, to inspire YOU to dare to change the world in the most wondrous of ways. Monica Lumley, Medium/Channel, Heart of Unity, Brantford, Ontario.

…This little book offers a way to slow down and step outside the situation, before stepping back in it. Judith Bouman, Librarian, North Bay Library, Ontario

I loved Sowing Our Dreams, especially its original awareness-awakening symbols. Anyone who desires positive change for themselves, and ultimately the world, can benefit from reading and using Meister’s inspirational book. Ryan Eliason, Business Coach for Change-makers,,

Marjorie Meister’s holistic work is a gift for readers to connect to themselves and others. Her book brings precious messages and intuitive symbols together to unite individuals and communities in a loving and synergistic way. You'll feel tapped in to the loving, transforming power of our human potential. Christine Kloser,Spiritual Guide ~ Transformational Book Coach Publlisher, Pebbles In the Pond: Transforming the World One Person at a Time

Marjorie A. Meister's small book called "Sowing Our Dreams," houses a multitude of beautiful potential to all who read it. It is a tool for focused meditation. The symbols she has created give us an opportunity to slow our breathing, and dive into our subconscious and unconscious minds. When we go inwardly like this, we realize there is nothing to fear, that the Power of the Universe loves all of us equally, and we can first of all love ourselves and then go on to love the whole wide world! Kate Loving Shenk, R.N., BSN. Pennsylvania.

The book, Sowing our Dreams, Realizing a kinder, healthier world, is an expression of Love. The symbols in this book act as beacons that guide you into a positive mental attitude… Marjorie Meister has composed a thoughtful book which will lead you to reflect on your life and in the end find more joy. Michael R. Collins, N.Y. Author of Ushering in the Golden Age: Elevating Your Consciousness


M.Ed. Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario. Educational
Leadership, 1999.
Ottawa University, Ottawa, Ontario. Education
Administration, transferred
B. Ed. Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario. (J / I ) Visual
Arts, cum laude, 1990.
B.A. Laurentian University, North Bay, Ontario. Psychology,
cum laude,1989.
B.F.A.(0.75) University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Visual Art, 1969-73,
moved to Canada.
-Buon Fresco, 2006-2008
-Architectural Design with some Engineering
applications, 1973-5.
-co-designed 2 homes, 3 renovations, and a 12 unit
condominium, Renaissance Homes, North Bay,
Ontario, 2003, 2005
-designed and hand-built my octagonal, 2-storey log
home with Bob Meister, Commanda, Ontario
-Jewelry fabrication,1973-4

•created exterior true fresco mural for Northern climates that withstood four-season outdoor temperature fluctuations of +30°C. to -30°C., North Bay, Ontario, 2008 (currently known as the first type in Canada);
•created and implemented:
-a four-year Ontario Certified Visual Art Program for Nbisiing
Education Centre, a First Nations Secondary School, Nipissing
First Nation, Ontario, 1999- 2003;
-a three year Diploma post-secondary Visual Art Apprenticeship
Program, my studio and art salon, Moonfire Studios, North Bay,
Ontario, 1996-99; and
•Co-founded and co-directed Catchfire Press, a publishing
company, 1997-99

2015 Ontario Arts Council Grant, Exhibition Assistance
•Scholarship, Integral Enlightenment Academy, Oakland, California 2010
•Ontario Exhibition Assistance Grant, Ontario Arts Council, 2005
•Materials Assistance Grant, Visual Arts Ontario, 1993
•Grant, Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario, 1989-90
•Best Metal Jewelry, Ontario Craft Council, 1986
•Award of Excellence, Ontario Craft Council, 1985

Renaissance Homes

Buon Fresco Mural for balcony, Renaissance Homes, 2012
True (Buon) Fresco Murals for multi-residence entrance, Renaissance Homes, 2008, 2009
True (Buon) Fresco Mural for a restaurant, Renaissance Homes, 2007


Perception and Illusion, Dufresne Art Gallery, Callander, ON, 2015
Sowing Dreams: Thought as Matter – An Interactive Art Happening, Outdoors, North Bay, Ontario 2009
Entering the Transcosmic, WKP Kennedy Gallery, North Bay, Ontario, 2006
From Here to Infinity, a 3 person exhibition, Amsterdam-Whitney Art Gallery, New York, New York, juried and curated by Ruthie Tucker. 2005
Abstractions of Women's Fertility of Body, Mind, Heart and Soul, Moonfire Studios, North Bay, Ontario. 2000
Bush to Main, Moonfire Studios, North Bay, Ontario. paintings, prints, sculpture, jewelry and poetry celebrating 25 years in Canada.) 1999
In a Heartbeat, North Bay Arts Centre, Art in Public Places, North Bay, Ontario, 1997
I Slept With the Angels, a performance, Conspiracy of Three, North Bay, Ontario, 1996
Primordial Messages II, North Bay Area Museum, North Bay, Ontario. 1996
Dancing Energy, White Water Gallery, North Bay, Ontario. 1989

Selected GROUP EXHIBITIONS (juried and/or invitational)
The Whole Spectrum, Carter House Gallery, California
Water, Art on Main, North Bay, Ontario
In Praise of Physical Labour, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, juror: Ursula Kammer-Fox 2007
Crossing Borders, Eastern New Mexico University at Roswell, New Mexico, USA. 2004
Toward an Understanding, Forest City Gallery, London, Ontario.1999
A New Understanding, Art Gallery of Sudbury, Sudbury, Ontario 1998
Towards an Understanding, Definitely Superior Gallery, Thunder Bay, Ontario. 1998
Visions of the North, Voices of the North, Nipissing University, North Bay. 1998
Northern Reflections '95, group travelling exhibition, sponsored by Timmins Museum: International Exhibition Centre, Timmins, Ontario. 1995
Art '95, New York 1995 International Art Competition, New York, New York. Juried by 11 notable
judges, for example Christopher Mount, Curator, Museum of Modern Art, N.Y.C. & Daniel Kletke, Curator, Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, New York. 1995
Ninth International Exhibition of Miniature Art, Del Bello Gallery, Toronto, Ontario. juried by Yael, Brotman, John Lloyd, & Virginia MacDonnell. 1994
White Water Gallery Group Show, White Water Gallery, North Bay, Ontario. 1993 - 2010
Nipissing University 25th Anniversary Art Exhibition Invitational, White Water Gallery, North Bay, Ontario, curator Denis Geden. 1992
Northern Lights Festival Boreal Winter Show, Sudbury, Ontario. 1986
Ontario Place Demonstrating artist and exhibitor, Ontario Place, Toronto, Ontario. 1985
Ontario Craft Council Northern Region Competition Show, Gallery Michelle, North Bay, Ontario, Best Metal Jewellery Award. 1985
Northern Expressions du Nord, Gallery Paquin, Centre Loisirs, Kapuskasing, Ontario 1985
North by Northwest, a travelling show Juried by Jean Johnson and William Hodge. Ontario Crafts Council, and the Department of the Secretary of State of Canada to mark the bicentennial of Canada. Sponsored by Ministry of Citizenship and Culture. 1984-85

Sowing Our Dreams: Realizing a kinder, healthier world, Marmina Publishers, 2011
Italian Pride, article with fresco photos, 2011
The Upper North Side, Canadian Consulate General, “Unpredicted Interference”, painting, 2005
Love and Longing in the Near North: An anthology of short stories and poems. (Ed.) John Kooistra, "For Barry", a poem, 2000
Nbisiing Education Centre Year Books, co-created with students and faculty, served as Yearbook Advisor organizing groups & ideas, & personally formatting, editing, & printing,
2001 & 2002 editions.
Freddy Dimwhistle's Northcountry Sketchbook, Plumstead, illustrated novel cover,1997
I Slept with the Angels, chap book of poetry, self-published 1996
Art ’95,NYC Catalogue inclusion, “Surrendering to the Unknown”, painting 1995

TRAVELLED IN 11 COUNTRIES • USA • Canada • Mexico • Guatemala • Belise • England • Germany • Austria • Switzerland • Italy • Greece • 1971-2008

Simcoe RC School Board; Canadore College; Near North District School Board; Nipissing RC School Board; Nbisiing Education Centre; Moonfire Studios; Ontario Ministry of Education. Nipissing University- all institutions in Ontario 1991-2003.
Reviews, Articles