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This concave wall mural was painted as the last of 4 panels. It had to be a summer scene. To symbolically connect it with the other 3 murals, I chose to use the swan. While painting it, the swan's symbolism of harmlessness was felt so predominantly in my process, I was truly both amazed and humbled. My hope is that the fresco will touch the hearts of its viewers in a similar way.

My client asked me to add a turtle to the composition, just before I painted the last section of this all-weather buon fresco. The turtle too became very significant in reminding me and the mason of its symbol of patience.

The picture of this was taken before the plastic on the balcony to protect me and to prevent freezing was taken down

Swans in Summer, detail
Swans in Summer, detail
buon fresco
9'hx 6'w