MarjorieMeister (Moonfire)
Arisen from the CavePhoenix Rising, DetailShadow #2Invocation for World HealthMidnight ConnectionUnitedForever TransformingLast Cry for SalvationInvocation for Healing
Primordial Period, 1995 on
These are images from on-site installations (photographs); and seccoes, and mixed media paintings. I was tapping into the primordial energies of the Laurentian Sheild, the oldest mountain range in the world, now quite worn down. Some paintings were created by digging up indigenous pigments on site, and then painting the rock. Feeling ancient energy and expressing it in some of the traditional and nontraditional ways was awesome.

I was led to this path of healing after a spinal injury that reduced my fine motor skills to almost nothing for two years. I began exploring using my gross motor skills to express. Happily to report, I healed absolutely completely, and have all my motor fine skills back. Amazing.

There are many more than these images. I'm working on getting them from 35mm into digital - not yet my top priority tho. Please contact me for a small printed catalogue.