MarjorieMeister (Moonfire)
LearningCollecting Energy, Fertilizing My  MindEntering the TranscosmicEntering the Transcosmic, #2Surrender When SeekingUnpredicted Interference Surfaces InsightStretching or the TranscosmicListening for Solutions in the TranscosmicBelow the SurfaceEverything is AliveParticle Intelligence UnifyingThe IntersectionExploring Particle ConnectionsConnections #2Particles Carry Frequencies and VibrationsInformed Universe CommunicatingKnowledge Passes Into Another Dimension, While the Future Becomes Known in the PresentPast and Future Memories Engage with Each Other: Distortion Exists.GuidedIn the CoreAll the World's Relatives Have BledRhythms of My Heartbeat
Paintings 2005-2000
Most of these paintings are from the body of work, Entering the Transcosmic. Many of these paintings have been shown in galleries in NYC and North Bay ON.